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修改時間:2023年1月16日 15:20

【Working site/工作地點】

NYCU Health Innovation Center/陽明交通大學健康創新中心


【Technique required/工作內容】

1. Willing to perform data acquisition, labeling and cleaning

2. Have python programming language skill

3. Have experience in 2D/2.5D/3D image detection algorithm development

4. Familiar with Linux environment, TensorFlow and Torch.

5. Experience in 3D modeling software like 3D slicer.

6. Full time or part time are accepted.

1. 有興趣進行資料擷取、標註和清整

2. 具備Python程式語言能力


4. 熟悉Linux環境,TensorFlow和Torch。

5. 熟練使用如3D slicer等3D建模軟件。

6. 全職或兼職均可。



Referring to NYCU research assistant salary standard/依本校計畫專任助理標準給薪。



Please email your English or Chinese Curriculum Vitae including autobiography, related certificate etc to


意者請附中文或英文履歷、自傳、畢業證書等資料(若有論文可加附),寄至 羅先生收,符合者將另行通知聯繫安排面試事宜。

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